How To Come Up With The Right Name For Your Brand!



Since it will stick with your business for the rest of its life, your brand’s name should be chosen carefully because it is the initial, most powerful organizational symbols that you own.

When choosing your brand name, there are a number of important factors that you need to consider, such as: longevity, differentiation, phonetics and the trademark ability. A brand name is not just a word, a phrase, or collection of words. It is what segregate your brand from competitors by capturing and communicating your promise to your clients. Here are a few suggestions for a successful brand name:

Keep it simple

The first and most important element for your brand name to succeed is to be easy to remember and pronounce. Your customers are more likely to ignore or forget about your brand when they don’t know how to pronounce its name. Besides, creating successful brand awareness online requires a name that’s easy, simple and SEO-friendly. This will not only help you communicate your message more easily, it will also help reduce your marketing expenditure.

Use your own name

Some of the most well-known brands were actually their inventor’s or their owner’s name, like Walt Disney, for example. Giving your own name to your brand can be the most distinctive elements that makes your brand memorable, outstanding and unique. Besides, using your kids’ names or nicknames can be a key differentiator as well. consider companies like Mercedes (named after the daughter of one of the founders) and Danone (named after the founder’s son’s childhood nickname).

Think Outside the box

A good example of a brand name made up by thinking outside the box is 'Apple', which at first did not sound like much of a tech name. Despite sharing its name with a fruit, Apple successfully entrenched itself in the digital technology industry. And the slogan "Think different" reflects what Apple stands for: an innovative tech company that differentiates itself from other brands in every way—including its unorthodox brand name.

Use Acronyms

If you consider some of the most well-known brands from around the world, you will notice that they are made from acronyms. Some real-world examples are: LG (Life is Good), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), BENQ (Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life).

Add a Prefix or Suffix

Whether it is a product or brand, you can turn a common word into a product name by simply adding a prefix or suffix to it. Apple uses this product naming technique all the time with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod offering perfect examples of successful products names.

Still confused about how to name your brand?

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