Incredibly Interesting Emoji Facts!



It’s official! Emojis are the most common means of communication that have invaded the lives of all users of smartphones, social media websites and applications. Emojis are now a universal language amongst people of all cultures and ages.

The use of Emojis has become more vital than ever to our everyday communications. The main reason why people tend to use Emojis a lot is that it cuts right to the chase and helps users express their feelings and reactions using an intuitive, highly-efficient way in a matter of seconds.

The first emoji was created back in the 90’s and the ‘Face with Tears of Joy’ emoji was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2015. This emoji beat ‘Brexit’ and ‘sharing economy’ to the top spot, but why are emojis SO important?

Today we would like to share with you some intriguing Emoji facts that have shaped the history of our modern-day communications:

1- Emojis eliminate our social struggles using words:

The main problem of the modern, real-time communication means (such as chatting or commenting) is that they often lack the important capability of directly reflecting people’s spontaneous reactions. Although words have long been used to express feelings and emotions, the use of Emojis in daily communications has become the easier, extremely faster means of directly bringing our message to life. More importantly, the use of Emojis can greatly reduce any misunderstandings likely to arise in written communications due to the obvious inability to hear the other’s tone of voice. It takes nothing but a single click to express a feeling of love, sadness, anger, or any other facial or emotional attribute – thanks to the Emoji’s extensive world of choice.

2- An Emoji Is Worth A Thousand Words

The rise of emojis has taken social media platforms from communities that simply allow freedom of speech, to communities that react with their emotions. This shift towards a more behavioural social media platforms was also highlighted when Facebook changed its like button to include six different emotions, allowing users to be more expressive and reactive to Facebook updates.

Moreover, Emojis not only save you time but also important characters on social media. Whenever you can’t express in writing how you feel, or whenever you struggle with the Twitter character limit, try using an emoji!

3- Emojis are incredibly powerful for business

Since emojis can always appeal and whisper to the emotions of people regardless of their current emotional state, it turns out that marketers can save a lot of time and effort using Emojis in their marketing activities. Adding personality to social media plans can dramatically affect how the message is communicated to and perceived by the audience. And using the right Emoji at the right time and the right place is believed to greatly boost the chances of capturing the viewers’ attention in a way that words could barely do. Emojis allow us to talk to our audiences with emotion and enable our words to be more visual with our actions.

4- more emojis = more likes and shares

Using emojis isn’t just for fun, it’s about convenience. Emojis allow us to find common ground and helps us communicate better. Everybody knows what a shining star looks like or even a pizza slice. Brands and Facebook as well as Twitter page admins can always use this to their advantage and speak the language of emoji. WWF is a great example of a brand that has done exactly this and in two months has sparked 559,000 social mentions and 59,000 website signups.

Use Emojis to drive more traffic to your posts as well as social media platforms, and let your message go live and speak volumes for itself.

Voila Social Media Team ;) ♥